We have focused on developing highly specialized services, which has allowed us to stand out against the global consultancy and engineering companies. As of today we have a team of professionals that meet the expectations of our customers. We want to provide the best service, making sure that the values that we based our services in are maintained and are persistent, so we have the best team of technical specialists backed by a wide experience. We strive to ensure tha that our customers are fully satisfied and supported by a serious and responsible company.

What do we do


  • Design and execution of projects (end to end): We offer a complete service of project design and execution from the beginning. We provide you the design and preliminary draft, we advise you and we facilitate all the possible suppliers in the market according to your needs. Once the draft is defined we proceed to the validation of the designated land, as well as land leveling, access, execution of civil works, execution of mechanical and electrical assembly, commissioning and personnel training. We also take care of land management: treatment, harvest and management of industrial facilities. You only have to worry about selling your final product. These comprehensive consulting services can be defined by you according to your needs.


  • Supervisions of electrical, mechanical and start-up assembly.
  • Mechanical and electrical assemblies: We offer complete mechanical and electric assembly for your agro industrial installation in several countries of the world, check availability for your country of interest.
  • General works directions.
    • The purpose of these services is to protect the interests of the manufacturer or owner of the future installation within the period of execution of the project; supervising all the processes of unloading, assembly, and commissioning of the machinery according to the specifications established in the contract. The service is aimed at those clients who wish to have external, autonomous and expert personnel, with advanced knowledge of their machines and methods.
  • Quality control of machinery, assemblies and contract fulfillment.
    • We act as an external consultant for our client, informing him in detail about whether all the machinery has been received under conditions, subcontracts progress or own employees, assembly qualities, control and capacity performance test.
  • Management and exploitation of the cereal industry and livestock farms: When we execute a new project and the client needs to ensure professional management of their investment, our company offers the service of management and exploitation of the industry, farmers and even livestock during the years that are agreed. This includes field maintenance, planting, field treatment, harvesting, management of the industry for the treatment of cereal and finally packaging to leave the final product available to the client.
  • Training of future operators and / or novice assemblers.
    • If you need your employees to obtain adequate training, we offer this service as long as it is linked to some other additional service.
  • Maintenance services.
    • Preventive or corrective maintenance, at the end of the campaign or / and the beginning of it. Service completely customizable in several countries of the world.
  • Leveling and land preparation: We have the service of leveling and movement of land for projects that carry the management of the agricultural field. Our main partner has a large fleet of own and cutting-edge machinery, with extensive experience especially focused on agriculture, offering an additional service to our customers, through some great professionals in the sector.
  • Drones: Our staff has professional accreditation for the use of RPA (drones) for any additional needs that the client has, whether topographic land surveys, crop control, promotional videos, montage development videos or any other additional need.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any related questions about our services and competencies. We can adapt the scope of our services to the specific needs of your projects anywhere in the world.